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Pamdrive Comfort (Com) Ride
These are unbranded air-conditioned saloon cars around the model of 2004 to 2007, just to give you comfort and take you to your destination, these serves as normal daily movement. Pamdrive Premium (Pre) Ride: These are unbranded air-conditioned saloon cars within the model of 2008 to 2012, cute interior and exterior, no scratches, no stain, typically elegant, these serves for extra official, business and marketing purpose as well as daily movement, it is the class style need.

Pamdrive Executive (Exe) Ride
These are unbranded air-conditioned SUVs from around 2004 and above plus latest models of some saloon cars from 2013 and above. Also serve for executive movement, the CEOs, MDs, Mgrs., More of the affordable first class cars for corporate, government, firm and individual needs. Need more privacy, Effizy, grand movement and affordable cost, go for it.

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