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1. Using Pamdrive mobile App Booking, Download from Apple Store or Google Play Store

2. Phone Call Booking, Call any of these numbers: +2348099904442, +2348099904443 and supply your details.

3. SMS/WhatsApp Booking: Send an SMS/WhatsApp with your Pickup & drop-off, pick up time details to +2348099904445

4. DM us on Pamdriveng at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

5. You can also book a ride online from our website - click here

All call booking is required to first register your details on the app with your unique mobile number, your mobile number is your code, you can then call with the same registered number.

1. Download the Pamdrive mobile App from Google or Apple stores

2. To Register, always start your number with 2348099904442, not 08099904441, please include 234…… no plus (+) in front

3. Fill in your details and register, you will get registration code, this can be delayed by your network provides, call our office to reach you, they will be calling you also immediately you register.

4. The app auto detect your location, change if you want a different pick up, and then click “add destination” to indicate your destination. Type in manually if you have poor network or want a different pick up location. Estimate might not be correct when typed in manually.

5. Select your car class, and check if you have bonus rides, check to use.

6. Click “Get Taxi” and wait, A PamdriveR (PDR) will be reaching you very soon, else our office will look out one for you.

1. Get your history for each ride booking

2. Get your total trip fare after your trip from your app

3. Rate our drivers from your app

4. Send us your feedback on your app for that trip

Our Location

  • Address: #3 Nwankpa Close, off Okporo Road, by Artillery Junction, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Phone: +2348099904442, +2348099904443
  • E-mail: pamdriveinfo@pannaga.com